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Elephant Refugees

Louise Hogarth

5 mins

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Elephant Refugees follows one selfless family's attempts to look after the elephants fleeing Africa's poachers and droughts.


Elephant Refugees

Elephant Refugees

by Louise Hogarth


Elephants are some of the most intelligent animals on Earth, but they are increasingly threatened by poachers and habitat loss. For one hardworking family in Botswana, helping these majestic creatures has become their life's work.

Louise Hogarth is an independent filmmaker and founder of Dream Out Loud Productions, known for socially conscious documentaries like The Panama Deception and Angels in the Dust. In 2020's Elephant Refugees, Hogarth follows the Moller family as they turn their retirement lodge into a camp for 400 elephants and tourists.

In trying to save the elephants, Maria and Ben Moller tackle natural disasters, injuries, and a lack of government help. With narration by Game of Thrones' Jerome Flynn, the documentary conveys elation, heartbreak, and the sheer amount of work it takes to keep elephants alive.

Favorite quote

You feel very small and it's humbling having this big, big animal and he's actually accepting you.

- Saskia Toth, Elephant Sands manager

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