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Ecology and Wildlife Conservation

University of Leeds, Dr. Chris Hassall, Harriet Lawrence

5 mins

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This course from the University of Leeds analyzes arguments for conservationism, as well as exploring potential methods and the repercussions of our failure to live sustainably.


Ecology and Wildlife Conservation

Ecology and Wildlife Conservation

by University of Leeds


The conservation of our planet and the species that keep it in balance is the biggest problem faced by humans today. Conserving the natural world is often framed as an optional above-and-beyond, when in reality it is essential for the survival of all species. The tipping point at which ecosystems will be unable to recover from human damage is creeping closer.

The course is led by Leeds' Associate Professor of Biology Dr. Chris Hassall. It journeys through motivations for conserving the natural world, complex roadblocks, and potential solutions offered by technology. University of Leeds ecology experts have teamed up with conservationists including Yorkshire Wildlife Trust's Harriet Lawrence and Mary Berry from Natural England, to tackle the problems faced by nature from all angles. This course aims to equip learners with the knowledge to live in better harmony with nature and wildlife, for the sake of ourselves and our planet.

Favorite quote

As much as the natural world does for us, there is so much left unexplored ... if we exploit our Earth to the point of no return, we'll never discover all of the wonderful things that could still be out there.

- Harriet Lawrence

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