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Dog's Best Friend

Simon Garfield

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In Dog's Best Friend, canine lover Simon Garfield explores the historical origins and cultural significance of dogs, shedding light on the deep connection humans share with them.


Dog's Best Friend

Dog's Best Friend

by Simon Garfield


Many of us have come to love dogs for the joy and companionship they can provide. But how did they evolve into the domesticated pets they are today? Why are dogs such an important social and cultural touchpoint for humans?

In Dog's Best Friend, journalist and nonfiction writer Simon Garfield digs into these questions, exploring the fascinating and quirky world of canines. As a dog owner himself, Garfield frames the subject matter through his relationship with his own Labrador retriever, Ludo.

Dog's Best Friend touches on the unique biology of dogs, the famous dogs from history, and their prevalence on the internet today, giving us a greater appreciation for the role they play in our lives.

Favorite quote

Our relationship with the dog is one of the finest things we've ever created, and we should be daily proud of this feat, based as it is on the principle of mutual trust and permanent allegiance.

- Simon Garfield

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