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Don't Be Evil

Rana Foroohar

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Rana Foroohar investigates how the biggest tech companies became the behemoths they are today, making immense profits, shifting presidential elections worldwide, and polarizing society by manipulating a resource they acquire for free – our data.


Don't Be Evil

Don't Be Evil

by Rana Foroohar


The internet, apps, and digital devices have become ubiquitous in the 21st century, changing our businesses, our everyday life, and the very fabric of society. But how did an industry that didn't even exist a couple of decades ago come to dominate our lives?

Rana Foroohar is CNN's global economic analyst, business columnist, and associate director at the Financial Times. In her second book, Don't Be Evil, Foroohar provides an in-depth analysis of the Big Tech companies' ascent and how they became the wealthiest and most powerful enterprises on the planet.

By creating a market and conducting commerce in it, leading tech companies have become behemoths similar to 19th-century railroad titans. Don't Be Evil chronicles the rise of Big Tech and how its trajectory is paving the way to economic collapse and a surge of authoritarian, surveillance-based regimes.

Favorite quote

Data is the new fuel for growth in multiple industries... But unlike other assets, it doesn't necessarily fuel job growth, but rather, profit growth. And those profits tend to be diverted directly into executives' and shareholders' wallets.

- Rana Foroohar

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