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Empathy at Work

by Carolyn Goerner

To foster a better connection with other people, you must be able to see things from their perspective. This can be done when you have a solid grasp of empathy and how it works.

Empire of Illusion

by Chris Hedges

Empire Of Illusion motivates you to watch less TV and get better at reading by outlining the sharp drop in literacy levels in the United States in recent years, the negative effects that have followed, and the dark future ahead if we continue on this path.

Empower Yourself

by Xenia Tchoumi

From superstar confidence to smarter social media habits, digital influencer and entrepreneur Xenia Tchoumi offers powerful lessons in turning negativity into the fuel you need to achieve your wildest dreams.

Empower Yourself

by Sue Bryce

Sue shares the lessons learnt on her path to success as an award-winning portrait photographer and business owner.

Empty Planet

by Darrell Bricker

Empty Planet explains why overpopulation alarmists are wrong, and how depopulation poses the more imminent threat to the happiness of humanity.


by Guy Kawasaki

Enchantment will teach you not only how to make a product and get it sold, but to turn your customers into avid believers of your purpose, and loyal followers of your cause.

End Your Financial Self-Sabotage

by Tonya Rapley

End Your Financial Self Sabotage will take you on a journey to understand your current finances, by looking back at your influences and at your current values, and stop yourself from financial self-sabotage.

Ending Aging

by Aubrey de Grey

Ending Aging describes how the process of aging is like a disease and therefore, treatable, by outlining the seven primary ways in which we age and possible antidotes to all of them, plus a glimpse into the future of potentially indefinite human life.

Energy | a060e2ba-976b-4d9a-bd6f-1c3fc73c51bc

by Vaclav Smil

Energy teaches the past origins of our energy, how we've used it throughout history to get to our present, and why we need to be careful about how we consume it to have a better future.

English Football: A Social History

by University of Leicester

English Football: A Social History guides us through the origins of football's popularity and the important role it plays in today's society.

English for Academic Study

by Coventry University

This FutureLearn course by Coventry University helps you grasp important terminology and concepts for the UK university setting, develop English dictionary skills, and improve your pronunciation.

English in Early Childhood

by British Council

In this online course presented by the British Council, teaching experts weigh in on how to best facilitate and encourage English language learning in the youngest students.

English Punctuation Made Easy

by Len Smith

English Punctuation Made Easy provides a detailed breakdown of using punctuation marks the right way, making it easy for the audience to understand your text.

Enhancing Resilience

by Gemma Leigh Roberts

In Enhancing Resilience, Gemma Leigh Roberts teaches the importance of emotional resilience and provides easy steps in which to build it, so that we can cope with future setbacks with positivity and strength.

Enhancing Your Productivity

by Dave Crenshaw

Enhancing Your Productivity will show you how to eliminate distractions and boost your focus, time, and energy to the most valuable activities that make you irreplaceable.

Enlightenment Now

by Steven Pinker

In this book, renowned psychologist and linguist Steven Pinker describes how the values of the Enlightenment, science, reason, humanism, and progress continue to improve our world, despite the negative news.


by Dave Ramsey

EntreLeadership provides you with a path to becoming a great leader in your company by identifying the necessary management and entrepreneurial skills.

Entrepreneur Revolution

by Daniel Priestley

Entrepreneur Revolution is a roadmap to becoming a successful entrepreneur by shifting from an industrial revolution paradigm to an entrepreneurial mindset with concrete action steps to grow your idea into a business.

Entrepreneurship & Presenting Your Best Self Online

by T.A. McCann

Learn how to market yourself and your business online as a panel of successful entrepreneurs shares practical strategies on how to build a reputable online identity for your brand.

Entrepreneurship Foundations

by Kim Kaupe

Entrepreneurship Foundations is a wake-up call to every entrepreneur who thinks doing business is simple and easy. Being an entrepreneur is like being a scientist, and Kim Kaupe helps us learn the periodic table of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship Hustle: from Business Plan to Real Success

by Michael Chernow

In Michael Chernow's Entrepreneurship Hustle: From Business Plan to Real Success, you will learn valuable lessons and secrets about how to set up and run the successful small business of your dreams.

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