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Biological Psychology

Monash University, Matthew Mundy

5 mins

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This course from FutureLearn, in partnership with Monash University, explores the links between genetics, our nervous system, and human behavior.


Biological Psychology

Biological Psychology

by Monash University


How much does our biology influence our behavior? The nature versus nurture debate has long been a staple of scientific and philosophical inquiry. But recent breakthroughs have allowed for unprecedented research and insight into the inner workings of our brains and bodies.

In partnership with Monash University, Futurelearn brings these scientific breakthroughs and insights to you. The course is led by Matthew Mundy, Associate Professor and Director of Education for the School of Psychological Sciences at Monash University, whose research focuses on the cognitive neuroscience of memory.

Dive into the fascinating world of biological psychology, and understand how the processes going on inside of your brain and body make you the person you are.

Favorite quote

At its core, the neurons' ability to communicate with each other and other cell types drives all human behavior.

- Associate Professor Matthew Mundy, Monash University School of Psychological Sciences

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