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Bird by Bird with Annie

Freida Lee Mock, Anne Lamott

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This 1999 documentary showcases the life and work of novelist and memoirist Anne Lamott, offering valuable insights to anyone who aspires to be a writer.


Bird by Bird with Annie

Bird by Bird with Annie

by Freida Lee Mock


Why is writing so challenging even for the best writers?

Anne Lamott is a bestselling American nonfiction and novel writer. Her books discuss topics like faith, parenthood, addiction, and aging. Lamott has taught writing students in workshops and conferences across the United States. Freida Lee Mock is an American documentary director of films including Anita about Anita Hill and Ruth about Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

With scenes from her personal life, speaking engagements, and writing classes, Bird by Bird with Annie explores Lamott's best practices for writing. Mock's documentary builds on the themes of Lamott's 1995 book Bird by Bird, in which Lamott described her creative process.

Favorite quote

None of your favorite writers, let alone your own personal self, sits down in the morning and just feels great about the work ahead of them. No one sits down and feels like a million dollars.

- Anne Lamott

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