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Bit Literacy

Mark Hurst

5 mins

3 key insights

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Bit Literacy shows you how to navigate the innumerable streams of digital information that flow towards us every single day and not become paralyzed or a slave to technology, thanks to a few simple systems to manage your media.


Bit Literacy

Bit Literacy

by Mark Hurst


Less than 20 years ago, you could count your sources of information on one hand. There was the newspaper, the television, the radio, and, depending on how deep you wanted to go, books. Now, there's over one billion websites online, hundreds of social networks, and more and more people choosing themselves and starting podcasts, blogs, self-publishing books, and so on. There seems to be no limit to the number of what Mark Hurst calls "bitstreams" - digital wells of information.

Bits are a great way to store information: they can hold infinite amounts, transcend the physical, geographical and even time itself. However, we're starting to crumble under their ubiquitous availability, and that's what Bit Literacy tries to help with.

Favorite quote

Productivity is measured by the time you spend working on your to-dos, not on organizing them.

- Mark Hurst

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