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Everything I Know

by Paul Jarvis

Everything I Know ditches all the rules, and gives you a guide to living a fulfilled and adventurous life that can be infinitely updated, stretched, expanded, and customized. Instead of another "do-this-to-get-rich-fast" scheme that doesn't work for everyone, this is based on who you are.

Everything Is F*cked

by Mark Manson

Everything Is F*cked explains what's wrong with our approach towards happiness, and gives philosophical suggestions that help us make our lives worth living.

Everything Is Figureoutable

by Marie Forleo

Everything Is Figureoutable will help you annihilate the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. By identifying the thinking patterns that get you stuck and learning how to use self-empowerment principles to become free, it will allow you to finally pursue your dreams.

Everything Is Obvious

by Duncan J. Watts

Everything Is Obvious shows you that common sense isn't as reliable as you think it is and how you can change the way you make decisions with tried and tested scientific methods.


by Matthew Desmond

Evicted reveals the awful situation of those living in the poorest cities in the United States by identifying how this situation came to be, the horrendous effect it has on the individuals and families that deal with it, and what we might do to stop it.

Evolve Your Brain

by Joe Dispenza

Neuroscientist Joe Dispenza explores how we can channel the amazing potential of the brain by using mental rehearsal to bring about physical changes in the body.

Excellent Sheep

by William Deresiewicz

Excellent Sheep shows us how educational institutions have been alienated from their true purpose, what students really must learn in college and how we can go back to making it a place for self-discovery and critical thinking.

Executive Presence

by Sylvia Ann Hewlett

Executive Presence is an insightful and actionable overview of the most essential components of a successful leader's presence.

Expert Tips for Answering Common Interview Questions

by Jenny Foss

Wow the interview panel and secure your ideal job with Expert Tips For Answering Common Interview Questions, where expert LinkedIn managers reveal the tricks to standing out from the crowd of talented candidates.

Exploring Our Ocean

by University of Southampton

Scientists from the University of Southampton teach us about the wonders of our ocean and its delicate and complex relationship with humans.

Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming

by Stephen LaBerge

Exploring The World Of Lucid Dreaming is a practical guide to dreaming consciously, which uncovers an invaluable channel of communication between your conscious and unconscious mind.

Exponential Living

by Sheri Riley

Sheri Riley highlights the need to redefine success in order to find fulfillment in our personal and professional lives.

Extraordinary Influence

by Tim Irwin

Extraordinary Influence helps you become a better leader by revealing what neuroscience has to say about effective leadership, identifying communication as the key to the highest levels of performance.

Extreme Ownership

by Jocko Willink

Extreme Ownership contains useful leadership advice from two Navy SEALs who learned to stay strong, disciplined, and level-headed in high-stakes combat scenarios.

F*ck No!

by Sarah Knight

'Anti-guru' Sarah Knight explains how to say no more often and why doing so will change your life for the better.

F*cking History

by The Captain

A pithy collection of extraordinary stories from history - some inspiring, some horrifying, and some downright bizarre - all told with the Twitter celebrity's trademark ribald style.

Facebook: The Inside Story

by Steven Levy

This is a revealing chronicle of Facebook's history, from the Harvard dorm rooms to it's eventual sprawling headquarters in Menlo Park and social media domination.


by Hans Rosling

Factfulness explains how our worldview has been distorted with the rise of new media, the human instincts that cause erroneous thinking, and how we can learn to separate fact from fiction when forming our opinions.

Fahrenheit 9/11

by Michael Moore

Fahrenheit 9/11 looks at the series of events that unfolded during George W. Bush's time as President, from the Florida recount scandal to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, and the ensuing 'War on Terror.'

Failing Forward

by John C. Maxwell

Failing Forward helps you to stop making excuses, start embracing failure as part of growth, and encourages you to gain confidence in yourself.


by Jimmy Carter

Faith is an in-depth exploration of the many meanings of faith and the various ways it affects human life, backed by the personal account of former US President Jimmy Carter.

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