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Build a Social Media Plan that Actually Makes Money

Ryan Deiss

5 mins

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This course outlines the importance of social media for business and marketing, allowing you to create an online presence that not only engages your followers but puts some cash in your pocket.


Build a Social Media Plan that Actually Makes Money

Build a Social Media Plan that Actually Makes Money

by Ryan Deiss


While social media was once purely a space for entertainment and staying in touch with friends, over the last few years it's also helped some business-minded users make some serious money. Far from just a platform for sharing selfies and memes, social media is now an opportunity. If you've got a carefully planned marketing strategy, you can use it to fulfill your business objectives.

Course instructor Ryan Deiss is the founder and host of the largest digital marketing conference in North America, Traffic and Conversion Summit, and creator of the Customer Value Optimization methodology. In this course, Deiss breaks down some of the key social media strategies, including audience engagement and conversational marketing.

Favorite quote

There is no business-to-business or business-to-customer; there is only human-to-human. I don't care who you're selling to — it's always a person. That person is always a human, and that human always has a very human need.

- Ryan Deiss

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