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Budgeting in Real Life

Natalie Taylor, Madecraft

5 mins

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Budgeting in Real Life will teach you how to overcome obstacles that get in the way of your budgeting, and show you the best way to set yourself a budget that has achievable goals based on what's most important to you.


Budgeting in Real Life

Budgeting in Real Life

by Natalie Taylor


Managing your money to achieve financial growth is the main reason you may choose to create a budget. However, they're tough to develop, and even more challenging to stick to. Budgets often fail, and it seems like there's no point in even trying it out, but once you overcome the common pitfalls, it becomes much easier to meet your financial goals.

Using her expertise in financial planning, as a FinTech consultant and a speaker on financial issues, Natalie Taylor has taken her deep understanding of how different people relate to finance, particularly in using their money to enjoy their lives, to craft this course.

Budgeting in Real Life makes budgeting simple, delving into why it can be challenging, and revealing how to plan for unexpected costs and set goals that are easy to achieve.

Favorite quote

Reduce the temptation for impulse purchases by slowing down your trigger finger – turn off one-click purchasing on Amazon and other online sites.

- Natalie Taylor

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