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Building a Brand Book: When, Why, & How

Josh Silverman

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Josh Silverman teaches the importance of building a strong brand book, and how values and relatable narratives make the difference between successful and unsuccessful brands.


Building a Brand Book: When, Why, & How

Building a Brand Book: When, Why, & How

by Josh Silverman


A brand is the sum of your client's experience with your products or services — your position in the collective universe of your clients. Do you know how to find your way through this universe? Don't worry, neither do a majority of startup owners. This is where Josh Silverman steps in.

Silverman, a designer and entrepreneur, helps startups reach their potentials via a mix of effective marketing and design tools. As the founder and CEO of Startnership, which has helped startups grow by improving their marketing content and design, Silverman has worked with Blue Man Group, Brown University, Maurice Sendak, and many other notable clients. As an educator and a writer, Silverman has also been published in Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, and the Boston Globe.

This course takes us deep into the world of brands and marketing, helping us build better, more meaningful brands that form better emotional connections with clients.

Favorite quote

No brand lives in a vacuum; brands are living breathing organisms, their systems made by people and people are really the fuzzy part, it's the messy human bits that we definitely need to figure out.

- Josh Silverman

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