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Build a Highly Profitable YouTube Ad Campaign

Tom Breeze

5 mins

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In this course, CEO and YouTube expert Tom Breeze shares techniques for using YouTube to cut through the marketing noise, resonate with your audience, and grow your business.


Build a Highly Profitable YouTube Ad Campaign

Build a Highly Profitable YouTube Ad Campaign

by Tom Breeze


YouTube advertising is accessible, which is excellent for small businesses. It also means that user attention is saturated with YouTube ads, making it that much harder for your brand to shine through. The upside is that many of these ads aren't aimed and anyone specific, which is where the opportunity lies.

While most campaigns involve a shotgun approach to targeting, what they miss is yours for the taking. As CEO of the largest performance-based YouTube ad agency worldwide, Tom Breeze has built a career on creating YouTube campaigns that generate real-world results.

Whether you're just starting out or you're a pro looking for a refresher, in this course you'll learn battle-tested strategies for using YouTube to reliably generate leads for your business by creating ads that resonate with your future customers.

Favorite quote

We've changed how we buy, but not why we buy.

- Tom Breeze

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