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Becoming the Boss

by Lindsey Pollak

Becoming the Boss shows leaders of all kinds, whether new or experienced, how to identify the pitfalls that stand in the way of influencing others for the better and overcome them.

Becoming Warren Buffett

by Peter Kunhardt

This documentary tells the story of how an normal boy from Omaha, Nebraska, became one of the world's top billionaires.

Beginner's Guide to Investing

by Erin Lowry

Beginner's Guide to Investing is a course that covers the financial basics for any new investor, including related jargon, techniques for avoiding risk, and how to personalize your strategy.


by Robert M. Sapolsky

Behave sets out to explain the reason behind human behavior, good or bad, by exploring the influences of brain chemistry and our environment.

Behavioral Finance

by Emma Rasiel

This course offered by Duke University through Coursera discusses the importance of considering common behavioral investing mistakes before making major financial decisions.

Behind the Beautiful Forevers

by Katherine Boo

Behind The Beautiful Forevers will make you more grateful for what you have, look for ways to tear down corruption in the world, and help the poor by sharing the experiences of people living in the Annawadi slum in India.

Behind the Cloud

by Marc Benioff

Behind The Cloud tells the story of Salesforce.com, one of the biggest and earliest cloud computing, software-as-a-service companies in the world and how it went from small startup to billion-dollar status.

Behind the Curve

by Daniel J. Clark

Behind the Curve follows a growing community of unconventionally minded theorists who are convinced that the Earth is flat despite the scientists who vehemently refute their beliefs.

Behind the Podcast : Jason Nemer on the Tim Ferriss Show

by Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss and Jason Nemer open up the wonderful world of Acroyoga.

Being An Effective Team Member | 408d642d-d1d1-4a62-9c5f-c04bd065c88a

by Daisy Lovelace

Become your team's most valuable player as coach Dr. Daisy Lovelace shares the characteristics of an effective team member with practical strategies you can practice and execute immediately.

Being Wrong

by Kathryn Schulz

In Being Wrong, Kathryn Schulz explores our relationship with error and the ways we refuse to acknowledge our mistakes, allowing us to better understand our ability to make progress.

Benjamin Franklin: an American Life

by Walter Isaacson

Benjamin Franklin: An American Life takes a thorough look at the life of one of the most influential humans that ever lived and explains how he could achieve such greatness in so many different fields and areas.

Bernardine Evaristo on Writing

by Bernardine Evaristo

In her Vogue Visionaries class on fiction writing, Booker Prize winner Bernardine Evaristo offers expert advice on finding success as a writer as well as practical tips for writing a novel and getting it published.

Best Self

by Mike Bayer

Best Self will help you become the hero you've always wanted to be by teaching you how to be honest with yourself about what you desire, identify your toxic anti-self, and discover the traits of the greatest possible version of you that you can imagine.

Betraying Big Brother

by Leta Hong Fincher

In Betraying Big Brother, Leta Hong Fincher tells the story of the Feminist Five, a group of female activists opposing China's authoritarian regime.

Between the World and Me

by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Between the World and Me helps us all fight prejudice and prepares young black men in the US for growing up by revealing Ta-Nehisi Coates's reality of life as a black man dealing with racism in America.

Beyond Mars and Venus

by John Gray

The author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus is back with an update on how best to navigate modern dating.

Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life

by Jordan Peterson

In this sequel to his previous bestseller, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, Canadian clinical psychologist, professor, and YouTube personality Dr. Jordan B. Peterson extends his examination of the relationship between order and chaos.


by Jennifer L. Eberhardt PhD

Renowned social psychologist Jennifer Eberhardt explains how and why we all harbor unconscious biases, and how we can begin to identify and break them down.

Big Data Analytics: Opportunities, Challenges, and the Future

by Griffith University

Big Data Analytics, an introductory course from Griffith University, explaining what it is, where it comes from, how it's analyzed, and what it's used for.

Big Ideas for Curious Minds

by The School of Life

In this book from The School of Life, famous philosophers' teachings are revisited and broken down to help us deal with the challenges we face as we grow up.

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