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Age of Ambition

Evan Osnos

5 mins

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Age of Ambitions explains how China has gone from impoverished to a world superpower and economic powerhouse in only the last 30 years.


Age of Ambition

Age of Ambition

by Evan Osnos


You may know that China is now a superpower in the world. But do you know how the country got to where it is today? It wasn't long ago that this nation appeared poor, and rural, but all that has changed. China is now the largest exporter in the world. It's one of the largest industrial countries, and the population is becoming wealthier each year.

What was it that allowed for such a rapid turnaround? This is what you'll discover in Evan Osnons's Age of Ambition. The growth of this nation in just a short amount of time just might motivate us to change our own life too.

Favorite quote

Hope is like a path in the countryside - originally there was no path, but once people begin to pass, a way appears.

- Evan Osnos

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