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Advanced Retouching TechniquesBy Lindsay Adler

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The award-winning fashion and portrait photographer Lindsay Adler shares her tips for retouching portrait and beauty photography while retaining the integrity of the subject's features and expressions.

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As perfectionists, we want everything to be perfect, but sometimes it's just about being believable. It's about tricking the viewer enough to create a pleasing image.

Lindsay Adler


In the age of social media, photographers have gained an unprecedented platform to share and sell their work on a global scale. Alongside perfect lighting, creative direction, and expertise, photographers must dedicate time to post-production and retouching to create bar-raising images.

Lindsay Adler is a professional fashion and portrait photographer. Her fashion editorials have appeared in Marie Claire, Elle Magazine, and Harper's Bazaar. Adler is also a photography educator. She shares her mastery with thousands of students every year and has authored five books.

In this course, the instructor shares her tried-and-tested, personal techniques for stepping up your post-production game. Overall, she conveys what makes for an effective image. Advanced Retouching Techniques includes in-depth tutorials on everything from skin texture to altering facial features. The course suits Photoshop users who are familiar with its fundamentals but want to improve the look and feel of their finished projects.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

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    Define your objective and your retouching category for optimum results
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