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In Aftershocks, Nadia Owusu delivers a heartfelt memoir that walks us through her traumas, tribulations, origins, and accomplishments, turning the conversation in turn onto how the places we come from influence who we will one day become.




by Nadia Owusu


Have you ever felt like the persona you inhabit in front of certain people - whether at work, with friends, extended family, romantic partners, or even online - isn't quite who you really are? This kind of identity crisis is common, because most of us haven't accepted that, as humans, our identities are multiple. As children, many factors had a profound impact on helping us build a picture of 'who we are': our origins, the places where our ancestors moved - or were forced to move - and the words others use to describe us. But when the lights are off, and nobody's standing next to us to force names down our throats, who are we?

In this memoir, writer Nadia Owusu explores the depths of identity and the feelings we can encounter when our roots feel shaky, even evanescent. Having lived in Ghana, Tanzania, the United Kingdom, America, and many other countries, Owusu's childhood identity struggles included growing up as a mixed-race child, never having a stable home, and being seen and judged as "not enough" by others.

Are you ready to step into an ocean of questions and contemplations? Nadia Owusu's sharp words pack a punch, unraveling the hard truths of figuring out who we are in a society that works so hard to put us in boxes. What do you do when you feel you're not fitting any of the social expectations of 'normal'? Through Owusu's words, perhaps you can finally embrace the multiplicity that makes you, you - and learn to celebrate it.

Favorite quote

Let me show you my home. It is a border. It is the outer edge of both sides. It is where we drew the line. They drew the line right through me. I would like to file a territorial dispute.

- Nadia Owusu

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