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Reality Sets in for NFTs: The Artist Opportunity

Real Vision, Sergio Silva, Michah Dowbak

This interview from Real Vision explores the meteoric rise of artist Mad Dog Jones, the secrets to his continued success, and where the NFT game may be heading next.

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Career & Success

Reality Sets in for NFTs: The Overview

Real Vision, Kevin Kelly, Mason Nystrom, Raoul Pal

In this special interview from Real Vision, Raoul Pal discusses everything NFTs with research analyst Mason Nystrom and Delphi Digital co-founder Kevin Kelly.

Money & Investing
Technology & the Future

Reality Sets in for NFTs: The Potential Future

Real Vision, Raoul Pal, Alexandre Dreyfus

Crypto expert Raoul Pal interviews Alexandre Dreyfus, the founder of Chiliz and Socios.com. The pair discuss how Dreyfus' companies are bringing cryptocurrency tokens to the sports industry.

Money & Investing
Technology & the Future
Culture & Society

Reality Sets in for NFTs: The Power of Community

Real Vision, Raoul Pal, Griffin Cock , Duncan Cock Foster

Filmed as part of Real Vision's series on NFTs, Raoul Pal interviews the founders of NFT auction platform Nifty Gateway, Duncan and Griffin Cock Foster.

Money & Investing
Technology & the Future

Reality Sets in for NFTs: The Tech

Real Vision, Piers Kicks, Robbie Ferguson

In this course by Real Vision, learn about the tech behind NFTs, the industries they'll disrupt, and how the company Immutable is participating in the change.

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Personal Growth
Mind & Philosophy

Reasons to Stay Alive

Matt Haig

Matt Haig's poignant mental health memoir reveals the dangers and difficulties of mental illness, uncovers the stigma, and identifies tips for recovery.

Leadership & Entrepreneurship

Rebel Ideas

Matthew Syed

The book dissects the ways cognitive diversity helps you break free from self-restricting echo chambers and the mediocrity of standardization.

Parenting & Relationships

Rebel Love

Dr. Chris Donaghue PhD

Sex therapist and educator Dr. Chris Donahue debunks popular dating advice and offers a new approach to relationships, transcending gender stereotypes and sex-negative cultural attitudes.

Leadership & Entrepreneurship

Rebranding and Repositioning the People Function

NOW of Work, Leapgen, Jill Katz

In this May 2022 episode of the Now of Work podcast, Jill Katz explains how we can reimagine the role of HR as leadership coaching to create people-focused organizations that are healthier for everyone.

Mind & Philosophy
Religion & Spirituality

Recapture the Rapture

Jamie Wheal

A transformative journey from the despair of meaninglessness to personal healing and growth through altered mental states using breath, sex, and spirituality.

Career & Success

Recession-Proof Career Strategies

Jason Schenker

In this course, finance expert, futurist, and author Jason Schenker shares his secrets for building a recession-proof career, finding upsides during hard times, and thriving during the next downturn.

Culture & Society


David Mamet

In this wide-ranging collection of essays, playwright David Mamet reflects on the principles of great drama and dialogue, the importance of free speech, and a time when Broadway was known for corruption and vice.

Money & Investing

Recovering from a Financial Setback

Jane Barratt

This course by Jane Barratt explores the many options available to those trying to recuperate after financial disaster.

Career & Success

Recovering from a Layoff

Brie Reynolds

Discover how to find your way back into employment as career expert Brie Reynolds shares some strategies on how to develop a structured recovery plan after unexpectedly losing your job.

Arts & Design
Culture & Society

Red Carpet

Erich Schwartzel

Erich Schwartzel explores how international politics impact film industries worldwide, the historical ties between China and Hollywood, and how Chinese censorship affects the movies produced today.

Culture & Society

Red Famine

Anne Applebaum

Acclaimed journalist Anne Applebaum writes a history of the one of the deadliest famines of the twentieth century, the Ukrainian 'Holodomor.'

Culture & Society

Red Roulette

Desmond Shum

Hong Kong-raised entrepreneur Desmond Shum provides an insider's view of the corruption and excess of the Chinese Communist Party.

Culture & Society


Peter Schweizer

A leading commentator on international politics exposes the cozy relationships with America's elites that are helping China thrive, to the detriment of Western interests.


Rediscovering New York

The Travel Podcast

In this September 2021 episode of The Travel Podcast, Steve Witt and Lauren Roberjot-Clark host New York tourism and real estate experts to uncover the ingredients of the perfect New York vacation.

Science & Environment

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Does It Work?

TED Radio Hour, Gay Gordon-Byrne, Andrew Dent, Jamie Beard, Ermias Kebreab

In this May 2022 episode of the TED Radio Hour podcast, host Manoush Zomorodi speaks to four experts about the importance of introducing circular practices to preserve Earth's valuable resources.


Reed Hastings: Building Netflix

Matt Burgess

Tech journalist Matt Burgess chronicles some of the most significant moments in the life and career of Netflix founder and CEO Reed Hastings.

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