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Without Their Permission

by Alexis Ohanian

Without Their Permission is Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian's plea to you to start something, as he lays out how anyone can use the internet to shape the future of the 21st century without having to get a yes from somebody else first.

Women & Power

by Mary Beard

One of Britain's best-known scholars shares her thoughts on women's struggles for power in modern Western society, by demonstrating just how deeply influenced we still are by ancient, patriarchal narratives.

Women Helping Women Succeed in the Workplace

by Big Think

From multi-medium web portal Big Think, Women Helping Women Succeed in the Workplace is a collection of content from five successful women designed to empower women with the advice they need in career management, leadership, and diversity.

Women Transforming Tech

by Syamla Bandla

Facebook Director of Product Engineering Syamla Bandla shares some wisdom based on her personal experience of building a personal brand in tech.

Women's Leadership Masterclass

by Marshall Goldsmith

Women's Leadership Masterclass helps women to understand and overcome those behaviours and habits that keep them from rising up the top in their careers and life.

Women, Race & Class

by Angela Y. Davis

Women, Race and Class explores the ways mainstream feminism has failed to account for the experiences of women outside of the white upper and middle classes.


by Steven Johnson

Wonderland highlights how much of societal and technological progress stems from those who simply play. Discover history's greatest dabblers and how they helped build the future.

Words Can Change Your Brain

by Andrew Newberg

Words Can Change Your Brain is the ultimate guide to becoming an expert communicator and using psychology to your advantage, teaching you how to express yourself better, listen more, and create an environment of trust with anyone you speak with.

Work Remotely: Thrive in a Job from Home

by Darren Murph

Darren Murph shares his personal experience as a remote worker and provides valuable pointers into how we can also make the transition from a regular nine to five to full time remote work.

Work the System

by Sam Carpenter

Work The System will fundamentally change the way you view the world, by showing you the systems all around you and giving you the guiding principles to influence the right ones to make your business successful.

Work Won’t Love You Back

by Sarah Jaffe

Workers the world over are asked to sacrifice both fair wages and comfort for the love of the job. But that love is a scam to exploit the worker, explains Sarah Jaffe in Work Won't Love You Back.

Workflow, Time Management and Productivity for Creatives

by Lisa Congdon

Creatives often find it difficult to manage several projects at the same time. "Workflow, Time Management, and Productivity for Creatives" shows us how we can use workflows, rolling to-do lists, and time blocking to manage our time and be more productive.

Working as a Contract or Temporary Employee

by Barbara Bruno

Working as a Contract or Temporary Employee teaches practical ways of using personal resources, professional credentials, experience, and competence to achieve the best possible success and contentment as a temporary employee.

Working Hard, Hardly Working

by Grace Beverley

In this riveting plea for work-life balance, entrepreneur Grace Beverley directs us away from a toxic work culture and leads us towards a fulfilling, more productive way of life.

Working Identity

by Herminia Ibarra

This results-based book offers a breakthrough model of practical advice for career reinvention that challenges traditional ideas around how we can change our lives.

Working with Difficult People

by Chris Croft

Leadership and management expert Chris Croft explores how to deal with a difficult co-workers and building your own self-confidence, so that your workplace engagement and productivity is not damaged by those seeking to intimidate you.

Working with Upset Customers

by Jeff Toister

In Working with Upset Customers, customer service extraordinaire Jeff Toister teaches you the best methods for dealing with angry customers, growing from the experience, and improving your future service.

World of Wine: From Grape to Glass

by Kerry Wilkinson

From Bacchus to happy hour, wine has a rich and ever-evolving history. The online course World of Wine: From Grape to Glass presented by The University of Adelaide provides a broad survey of wine production and its evaluation.

World Travel

by Anthony Bourdain

World Travel: An Irreverent Guide is a collection of memories, essays, and practical tidbits about navigating some of Anthony Bourdain's favorite destinations.

Write a Story

by Joshua Mohr

If you love writing but struggle to finish your work, this course provides practical insights to free yourself from procrastination, and keep your creativity flowing until the project's done.

Write Copy that Compels and Sells

by Melissa Cassera

Write Copy that Compels and Sells teaches storytelling techniques to create marketing copy that engages readers from the get-go, and compels them to buy.

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