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F*cking History

The Captain

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A pithy collection of extraordinary stories from history - some inspiring, some horrifying, and some downright bizarre - all told with the Twitter celebrity's trademark ribald style.


F*cking History

F*cking History

by The Captain


Throughout history, we humans have done weird and wonderful things. People have gone to heroic or crazy lengths for love. Badass women have defied people telling them to know their place. And the Ancient Egyptians had a weird relationship with cats. Whatever the deed, once we know about it, there's a chance we can learn something from it.

Kyle Creek - better known as 'The Captain' - is a writer, Twitter star, and lifestyle guru. In F*cking History, The Captain presents 111 unbelievable-yet-true historical stories, with subjects ranging from the Byzantine Empire to 18th century England and beyond. Along the way, Creek gives us his wry takes on the personal lessons we might draw from the escapades of our ancestors.

Favorite quote

The right story can motivate us to take a chance. The right story can inspire us to make a change. Or perhaps the right story is simply a story to remind us that life is downright fucking strange.

- Kyle Creek, aka ‘The Captain’

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