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The Psychology of Winning

by Denis Waitley

The Psychology of Winning teaches you the 10 qualities of winners, which set them apart and help them win in every sphere of life: personally, professionally and spiritually.

The Psychopath Test

by Jon Ronson

A relentlessly fascinating and entertaining narrative investigation into what makes a modern psychopath, presented as a comedic yarn by a gifted storyteller.

The Purpose Driven Life

by Rick Warren

Baptist pastor Rick Warren shares his Christian vision of God's five purposes for human life and how to embrace them.

The Queer Advantage

by Andrew Gelwicks

Through interviews with successful queer people, writer and stylist Andrew Gelwicks explores how the LGBTQ+ experience can cultivate tools for a fruitful life.

The Racial Wealth Gap, Explained

by Joe Posner

This documentary explores how slavery, housing discrimination, and centuries of inequality in America all helped to create a massive gap between the wealth held between Black and white families in the U.S., a divide that continues to grow today.

The Rebel Rules

by Chip Conley

The Rebel Rules shows you how you can run a business by relying on your vision, instinct, passion, and agility to call the shots, staying innovative, and maneuvering your business like a startup - because being an entrepreneur is about your mindset.

The Reckoning

by Mary L. Trump

In her 2021 book, Mary Trump evaluates her uncle – former President Donald Trump – and the American history that led to his election, discussing the impact of racism on the U.S. government and society.

The Red Pill

by Cassie Jaye

This film documentary explores the intense and controversial world of the Men's Rights movement as seen through the eyes of a feminist filmmaker.

The Referral Engine

by John Jantsch

The Referral Engine describes how to get your business in shape and turn customers into advocates who do your marketing for you.

The Republic

by Plato

The Republic is one of the most important works about philosophy and politics in history, written by Plato, one of Socrates's students in ancient Greece, as a dialogue about justice and political systems.

The Richest Man in Babylon

by George S. Clason

The Richest Man In Babylon gives common sense financial advice which you can apply today, told through tales and parables from the times of ancient Babylon.

The Ride of a Lifetime

by Roger Iger

The Ride of a Lifetime shares the inspirational story of Robert Iger, including his journey to becoming the CEO of Disney and how his vision, strategy, and leadership guided the company through a time when it's future was uncertain.

The Rise

by Sarah Lewis

The Rise explains the integral role of failure in all creative endeavors, and provides examples of great thinkers who thrived because they viewed failure as a necessary part of their journey towards mastery.

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

by Nicholas Mross

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin is a documentary that follows computer programmer Daniel Mross as he explores the inception of Bitcoin and its exponential growth.

The Rise of Superman

by Steven Kotler

The Rise Of Superman decodes the science of ultimate human performance by examining how top athletes enter and stay in a state of flow while achieving their greatest feats, and how you can do the same.

The Road Back to You

by Ian Morgan Cron

The Road Back to You teaches you about who you are by identifying the pros and cons of each personality type within the Enneagram test.

The Road Less Traveled

by M. Scott Peck

The Road Less Traveled is a spiritual classic, combining scientific and religious views to help you grow by confronting and solving your problems through discipline, love and grace.

The Road to Character

by David Brooks

The Road to Character explains why today's ever-increasing obsession with the self is eclipsing moral virtues and our ability to build character, and how that gets in the way of our happiness.

The Road to Serfdom

by Friedrich A. Hayek

The Road To Serfdom unravels the downsides of socialism, explains why it's prone to turning into totalitarianism, and why this changed the course of history after WWII.

The Road to Unfreedom

by Timothy Snyder

This comprehensive account of historical and contemporary trends chronicles the infiltration of authoritarianism from Russia into American politics.

The Room Where It Happened

by John Bolton

John Bolton, the former National Security Advisor to Donald Trump, offers specific and piercing criticisms of the Trump administration in this tell-all memoir.

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