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How Do You Know If You Have ADHD?

Ologies, Alie Ward, Dr. Russell Barkley

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In this February 2022 podcast, world-renowned ADHD expert Dr. Russell Barkley explains the basics of the disorder as it is understood today.


How Do You Know If You Have ADHD?

How Do You Know If You Have ADHD?

by Ologies


Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a relatively new discovery within the field of neuropsychology. Even though the scientific community only started studying it over the past few decades, ADHD often appears in mass media, causing a lot of confusion about causes, proper diagnosis, and possible treatments.

In the Ologies podcast, American actress and author Alie Ward combines facts with humor to bring different scientific disciplines closer to a wider audience. In this February 2022 episode, Ward talks to neuropsychologist Dr. Russell Barkley about diagnosing, treating, and living with ADHD. Having authored ten books about ADHD, Dr. Barkley is one of the world's leading authorities on the disorder.

Favorite quote

You're just a neurodiverse person. But you gotta stop denying, and blaming, and shifting the source of the problem to your spouse, or partner, or boss, or mother, or friend because you're the common denominator here.

- Dr. Russell Barkley

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