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How Food Is Made

EIT Food, DIL, European Institute of Innovation, Technology (EIT)

5 mins

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A guide to understanding the history of processed food, why we need to process food, and how we go about it.


How Food Is Made

How Food Is Made

by EIT Food


From our breakfast cereals to lunchtime sandwiches to evening ready meals, we eat processed food every day. But we probably don't often stop to think about how or why our food is processed.

The German Institute of Food Technologies – EIT Food, DIL – and the European Institute of Innovation and Technology – EIT – came together to collaborate on the development of How Food Is Made.

The course helps in understanding why we process food and how. It also covers how the food industry is innovating new ways to process food. Ways in which the EU is maintaining food safety standards are also explored.

Gain an understanding of the history of food processing, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of food processing technologies.

Favorite quote

The biggest challenge facing the global food sector is providing enough food for the rapidly growing population, which is expected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050.

- EIT Food

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