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How Google Does Machine Learning

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This fascinating course dives under the hood of Google's machine learning models, revealing that AI is more about logic than data.


How Google Does Machine Learning

How Google Does Machine Learning

by Google Cloud Training


Machine learning, or ML, has recently become a buzzword, with Google a leader in the field. Google applies machine learning to almost all of its products, from YouTube, Google Play, and Chrome to Gmail and Google Hangouts. The company has learned so much about machine learning at a business scale that it has completely transformed how they do business.

In this course, some of Google’s top executives and engineers take you through their approaches to machine learning, and how they use it in real-life business scenarios. ML systems can do very powerful things, and perform core functions for an organization, but the real value comes from the people behind them.

Favorite quote

Google is going to share the secret sauce with you, but that secret sauce is not code, it's not just an algorithm. It's actually this organizational know-how that we've acquired over years of managing more value-generating ML systems than any other company.

- Josh Cogan, Google Software Engineer

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