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The Science of Kissing

by Sheril Kirshenbaum

In The Science of Kissing, science journalist Sheril Kirshenbaum unravels the mysteries of kissing, and the evolution of this very human practice over the ages.

The Science of Leadership | 6d53cf19-db3b-4344-8f80-4e32b544bf59

by Gregory Caremans - Brain Academy

The Science of Leadership takes a deep dive into leadership by looking into how the brain works, understanding motivation, and introducing tools to create a highly effective and sustainable model for the 21st century leader.

The Science of Well-Being

by Laurie Santos

The Science of Well-Being engages the science of psychology, putting it into practice to build productive habits that increase your happiness and enable you to lead a more fulfilling life.

The Scout Mindset

by Julia Galef

The Scout Mindset explores the unconscious biases that drive us into defensive thinking and teaches us how to look at the world in a way that prioritizes seeking the truth over feeling right.

The Search for Life in Space

by Steve Amezdroz

This mind-expanding film examines the likelihood of finding life beyond our planet, and brings us up to speed on the latest research.

The Second Mountain

by David Brooks

The Second Mountain argues that a meaningful, fulfilling, and happy life is not found in the pursuit of self-improvement but instead in service to others.

The Secret

by Rhonda Byrne

The Secret explains how the laws of attraction govern the way you think and act, and how you can use them to achieve your goals and desires in life.

The Secret Life of Chaos

by Jim Al-Khalili

The Secret Life of Chaos examines the hidden patterns behind seemingly random events while answering the fundamental question: how did we get here?

The Secret Life of Pronouns

by James W. Pennebaker

The Secret Life of Pronouns is a collection of research and case studies explaining what our use of pronouns, articles and other style words can reveal about ourselves.

The Secret Life of Salvador Dalí

by Salvador Dalí

The Secret Life of Salvador Dalí is an astonishing and uncompromising glimpse into the master of surrealism's life and mind.

The Secret to Happiness | 6244f065-1e81-4efe-9e57-28b202c74318

by Scott Paton

Happiness and Resilience Now teaches us practical methods to cope with our past, own our present, and achieve the future of our dreams, putting the power to create happiness into our own hands and giving us the tools to do it right now!

The Self-Made Billionaire Effect

by John Sviokla

The Self-Made Billionaire Effect looks at the five dualities billionaires characteristically exhibit, which put them in a different category than most employees.

The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur

by John Jantsch

John Jantsch's The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur offers practical advice and reflection for the modern entrepreneur, inspired by 19th century American transcendentalist philosophy.

The Selfish Gene

by Richard Dawkins

The Selfish Gene explains the workings of our biological genes, how they manifest in the form of organisms, what they do to ensure their own survival, and how it's this that makes humans so special.

The Sense of Style

by Steven Pinker

The Sense of Style helps writers better absorb and apply usage rules to avoid common pitfalls and produce a more compelling experience for readers.

The Seven Day Mental Diet

by Emmet Fox

A simple and proven way to drastically improve one's mental well-being by only allowing positive thoughts to enter the mind for one week.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

by Deepak Chopra

The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success brings together the spiritual calmness and mindful behavior of Eastern religions with the Western striving for achievement, in order to achieve internal and external success - highlighting seven specific ways to let both come to you.

The Sex Myth

by Rachel Hills

This insightful book examines cultural assumptions about sex and gender, opening up challenging questions about what societal norms and myths around sex require reconsideration.

The Shock Doctrine

by Naomi Klein

In The Shock Doctrine, award-winning journalist and author Naomi Klein explores how free-market capitalism became synonymous with democracy – and why that belief is misguided.

The Signal and the Noise

by Nate Silver

The Signal And The Noise explains why so many predictions end up being wrong, and how statisticians, politicians, and meteorologists fall prey to masses of data.

The Simple Path to Wealth

by J L Collins

Everyone wants to get rich, but most of us believe this goal is out of reach. Discover these easy steps for getting our finances in control and paving our way towards financial freedom.

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