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Horoscopes: Written in the Stars?

Stuff You Should Know, Josh Clark, Chuck Bryant

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In this throwback episode of Stuff You Should Know from December 2016, hosts Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant confront their skepticism about astrology, diving deep into this ancestral art.


Horoscopes: Written in the Stars?

Horoscopes: Written in the Stars?

by Stuff You Should Know


Astrology and horoscopes have influenced human behavior for thousands of years. Despite their lack of scientific grounding, belief in horoscopes is once again on the rise. Stuff You Should Know is an iHeartRadio podcast exploring a diverse range of niche knowledge. Hosted by editors Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant, the duo unpack a new obscure corner every episode.

Clark and Bryant first met while working as editors for HowStuffWorks.com. In this episode from December 2016, they set aside their skepticism to dive into the mystical, and explore the intricacies of birth charts.

From astrology in ancient civilizations to the recent revelation that former U.S. President Ronald Reagan employed an astrologer and based his schedule on her predictions, Clark and Bryant assess astrology's enduring hold on us.

Favorite quote

When you put all this stuff together there's a huge, extremely complex interplay between all these different components, that are all supposed to point to the person that you were born as.

- Josh Clark

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