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Losing My Virginity

by Richard Branson

Losing My Virginity details Richard Branson's meteoric rise to success, digs into what made him the adventurous, fun-loving, daring entrepreneur he is today, and shares lessons you can learn from him about business.

Lost Connections

by Johann Hari

Lost Connections explains why depression affects so many people and that improving our relationships, not taking medication, is the way to beat our mental health problems.

Lost in a Good Game

by Pete Etchells

A thoughtful reflection on video games, how they affect us, and how they can be used both for joy and to help those struggling.

Love Is the Cure

by Elton John

In his recounting of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, Sir Elton John shares the realizations he acquired in the global fight against the disease: that love, compassion, and understanding are vital for ending the suffering and stigma.

Love Rules

by Joanna Coles

Former Cosmopolitan editor Joanna Coles helps guide us through the minefield of digital dating, by adapting the familiar concept of 'rules' to a task most of us still approach randomly.

Love with a Chance of Drowning

by Torre DeRoche

In her tender, humorous memoir, Torre DeRoche follows her heart and sets sail with the love of her life despite her fear of the vast ocean.

Love Worth Making

by Stephen Snyder

Long-time sex therapist Stephen Snyder tackles the difficult issue of how to have good sex in a long-term relationship.

Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It

by Kamal Ravikant

Is one phrase really all it takes to change your life? For visionary Kamal Ravikant, there's no doubt about it. Here, he shares the secrets to his own happiness, along with all the advice and guidance you need to find your own at the end of the same path.

Love, Sex and Staying Warm

by Neil Rosenthal

Love, Sex, and Staying Warm is a collection of marriage counselor and newspaper columnist Neil Rosenthal's best writings to help any couple find happpiness in their relationship.

Loving What Is

by Byron Katie

Love reality as it is, no 'buts' or 'what ifs', Loving What Is gives us four simple questions to turn around our negative thoughts, change how we react to the events and people that stress us out, and thus end our own suffering.

Loving Your Spouse When You Feel Like Walking Away | d1ab305b-4b9e-4416-9177-01a060019d31

by Gary Chapman

This non-judgmental, insightful book provides practical advice for how to start healing a marriage when all you want to do is run away.


by Sam Harris

In Lying, philosopher and neuroscientist Sam Harris takes a stand against dishonesty and demonstrates the power being truthful can have for individuals and society as a whole.

Made to Stick

by Chip Heath

Made To Stick examines advertising campaigns, urban myths and compelling stories to determine the six traits that make ideas stick in our brains. You don't just know why you remember some things better than others, but you can also spread your own ideas more easily among the right people.

Made You Look

by Barry Avrich

The largest art fraud in the history of the U.S. took place over the course of 20 years, involved $80 million in forgeries of iconic artists, and fooled even the most experienced art historians in the world.

Mahout: The Great Elephant Walk

by James Dartnall

This documentary follows the journey of the mahouts, or elephant guardians, as they walk four elephants between two Nepalese sanctuaries, across some of the most densely populated land on Earth.

Maintaining a Mindful Life

by Monash University

In this course from Monash University, we learn how bringing mindfulness into the way we live our everyday lives and communicate with others can improve our health and wellbeing.

Make a Killing on Kindle

by Michael Alvear

Make A Killing On Kindle shows you how you can market your self-published e-books on Amazon the right way, without wasting time on social media or building a huge author platform, first by focusing on a few key areas to set up your book for long-term sales in just 18 hours.

Make It, Don't Fake It

by Sabrina Horn

Sabrina Horn, an award-winning CEO and public speaker, shows business owners how to lead authentically and avoid the shortcuts that sabotage success.

Make New Friends: Boost Your Communication & Social Skills

by Alain W.

In Make New Friends, you'll learn how you can change your mindset, feel more confident, and boost your social skills to build relationships and make friends in any situation.

Make Things Make Money: The Business of Illustration and Lettering

by Dina Rodriguez

In this course, Dina Rodriguez takes us through everything we need to think about to run our own successful freelance business.

Make Time

by Jake Knapp

Make Time is about creating space in your life for what truly matters using highlights, laser-style focus, energizing breaks, and regularly reflecting on how you spend your most valuable asset.

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