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English in Early Childhood

British Council, Sheona Gilmour, Tracey Chapelton

5 mins

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In this online course presented by the British Council, teaching experts weigh in on how to best facilitate and encourage English language learning in the youngest students.


English in Early Childhood

English in Early Childhood

by British Council


English learners of all ages and abilities exist, but for the youngest students — especially learners of English as a second language — it's important for adults to facilitate conditions that encourage learning in active and expansive ways.

Academic advisor Sheona Gilmour has over 20 years of experience teaching young learners. Tracey Chapelton is an expert language teacher and education consultant. In this course presented by the British Council, Gilmour and Chapelton let you in on their best teaching tips so you can ease children into the learning process.

With a focus on fostering safe learning environments first and foremost, this course covers the basics of teaching young students, from classroom setup to observation and assessment.

Favorite quote

The role of the adult, essentially, is to support and challenge the child in their learning journey. So, that means providing activities and stimulation or experiences for the children based on what we know about them.

- Tracey Chapelton

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