Hack List


by Chris Burniske

Renowned cryptocurrency experts Chris Burniske and Jack Tatar provide an introduction to the world of Bitcoin and other cryptoassets.

Cryptocurrency, Explained

by Joe Posner

This documentary outlines the basic principles of digital currencies and the technologies, regulations, and investment opportunities that surround them.


by Torsten Hoffmann

An informative documentary about cryptocurrencies and their potential to revolutionize finance.

Cultivating a Growth Mindset

by Gemma Leigh Roberts

Cultivating a Growth Mindset teaches you how to utilize your mindset to lead others, thrive in challenging situations, and reach your full potential.


by Ian Leslie

Curious helps you to boost your brain power by harnessing the power of inquisitiveness and embracing your innate curiosity.

CV Success Masterclass

by Careercake

CV Success Masterclass explains how to create a successful CV by demonstrating to any potential employer how you can add value to their company, and get the job of your choice.

Cyber Crisis

by Eric Cole

Cybersecurity expert, author, and educator Eric Cole explains the threats we face in our increasingly online lives, providing advice on protecting ourselves and our businesses.

Cybersecurity with Cloud Computing

by Malcolm Shore

Cybersecurity with Cloud Computing is an introductory course designed to help us understand how we can safely use cloud technology in our organizations.


by Bryce Dallas Howard

Through extensive interviews with dads from all walks of life, this documentary asks what fatherhood means today.

Daft Punk Unchained

by Hervé Martin Delpierre

Daft Punk Unchained is a documentary by French director Hervé Martin-Delpierre, tracking the successful career of the group responsible for bringing electronic music out into the mainstream.


by Ben Knight

DamNation is an award-winning documentary about the environmental argument against the tens of thousands of dams that exist on U.S. rivers.

Dare to Lead

by Brené Brown

Dare to Lead dispels common myths about modern-day workplace culture, showing us that true leadership requires nothing but vulnerability, values, trust, and resilience.

Daring Greatly

by Brené Brown

Daring Greatly is about having the courage to be vulnerable in a world where everyone wants to appear strong, confident, and like they know what they're doing.

Dark Money

by Jane Mayer

Dark Money dives into the depths of the greed and corruption in the American political system, revealing the story of the Koch brothers who have been enabling the ultra-wealthy to influence political decisions for decades.

Data Science in Real Life

by Brian Caffo

In this Coursera class, three professors from Johns Hopkins University cover the common pitfalls in data analysis and discuss how to safeguard against them.

Data-Driven Decision Making

by Alex Mannella

Knowing how to convey data clearly and accurately is a key skill. In this course, industry professionals teach the value of an analysis-based approach in making business decisions.


by Christian Rudder

'Dataclysm' gives powerful motivation for being more honest online, by using information collected from the internet to identify what all of us are really like under the veil of anonymity and how we as a society have been influenced by a constant use of social media.

David and Goliath

by Malcolm Gladwell

David and Goliath explains why underdogs win in situations where the odds are stacked unfavorably against them, and how we can do the same.

De-Escalating Intense Situations

by Myra Golden

In this insightful course, expert coach and customer service professional Myra Golden teaches you how to solve conflict peacefully, while maintaining order and getting the results that you want - because intense situations can be fought with calmness, and they should be!

Death of the Good Doctor

by Kate Scannell

From the frontline of the AIDS epidemic, these are the unique memories and thoughts of Kate Scannel, pioneer doctor fighting stigma, a deadly virus, and death.

Decision-Making Strategies

by Mike Figliuolo

Decision Making Strategies reveals how to speed up the decision-making process, choose and involve the right people, and make decisions that are free from uncertainty and unreliability.

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