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Be Obsessed or Be Average

Grant Cardone

5 mins

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Be Obsessed or Be Average motivates you to put your heart into your work and live up to your true potential by identifying the thinking patterns and work habits of the passionate, successful, and driven Grant Cardone.


Be Obsessed or Be Average

Be Obsessed or Be Average

by Grant Cardone


It used to be that your typical career involved working for 30 or so years at the same company. When you were done, you'd get some sort of retirement package, and then spend the rest of your life golfing. The truth is, we're born with a yearning for more. We want more out of our careers than the same boring routine that's been around forever. We'd like to live and feel excited about what we do. But what does it take to get to that point? How do you get beyond the mundane, and live an extraordinary life?

This is what Grant Cardone explores in Be Obsessed or Be Average. You'll discover why shooting for the moon, even if you fail, is much better than settling for mediocrity.

Favorite quote

Your greatness is limited only by the investments you make in yourself.

- Grant Cardone

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