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Be Prepared

Gary Greenberg

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Be Prepared is a light-hearted instructional book for new dads, offering the path of least resistance - but maximum care - for new fathers.


Be Prepared

Be Prepared

by Gary Greenberg


Be Prepared humorously teaches new dads the ropes of fatherhood, aiming to whip even the most bumbling of new dads into a father of champions.

Bringing a new life into the world comes with countless unexpected challenges and uplifting rewards. Most parents claim the most important moment of their life was the birth of their first child. Your old life is gone, as the constant and demanding obligations of fatherhood will consume it. However, there's hope; with some focused preparation, any hapless new dad will soon find much more joy in their life than stress.

Gary Greenberg is an American psychotherapist, comedian, and author whose most famous work is the bestseller The Pop-up Book of Phobias.

Favorite quote

Although never clinically proven, the Five-Second Rule has been accepted as gospel by fathers all over the world.

- Gary Greenberg

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