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Buddha's Brain

by Rick Hanson

Buddha's Brain explains how world-changing thought leaders like Moses, Mohammed, Jesus, Gandhi, and the Buddha altered their brains with the power of their minds, and how we can use the latest findings of neuroscience to do the same.

Budgeting and Scheduling Projects

by Margaret Meloni, MBA, PMP

This course offered by the University of California Irvine through Coursera discusses the importance of budgeting and scheduling projects to prevent delays and cost overruns.

Budgeting in Real Life

by Natalie Taylor

Budgeting in Real Life will teach you how to overcome obstacles that get in the way of your budgeting, and show you the best way to set yourself a budget that has achievable goals based on what's most important to you.

Build a Fan Base on YouTube

by Sunny Lenarduzzi

In Build a Fan Base on YouTube, expert content creator and career strategist Sunny Lennarduzzi teaches how to find the right audience for your YouTube channel and create the content they crave, so you can hook their attention - and keep it.

Build a Highly Profitable YouTube Ad Campaign

by Tom Breeze

In this course, CEO and YouTube expert Tom Breeze shares techniques for using YouTube to cut through the marketing noise, resonate with your audience, and grow your business.

Build a Social Media Plan that Actually Makes Money

by Ryan Deiss

Create an online presence that not only engages your followers, but puts some cash in your pocket, with this course from digital marketer Ryan Deiss that outlines the importance of social media for business and marketing.

Build Sustainable Wealth and Get Out of Debt | 8d230969-5d3e-43f5-af61-b8756a81e733

by WealthFit

Getting into debt is easy, but getting out of debt can be pretty daunting. This course will guide you on how to clear your debts successfully and build sustainable wealth.

Build Your Network and a Dream Career

by J. Kelly Hoey

Entrepreneur Kelly Hoey shares career changing lessons drawn from her own successful networking experience.

Building a Brand Book: When, Why, & How

by Josh Silverman

Josh Silverman teaches the importance of building a strong brand book, and how values and relatable narratives make the difference between successful and unsuccessful brands.

Building a Flexible Career

by Brie Reynolds

In Building a Flexible Career, career advisor Brie Reynolds shows that flexible jobs are more attainable than ever before--all it takes is effective communication with your current or potential employer, and strategically building your skills.

Building a StoryBrand

by Donald Miller

Building A StoryBrand is the essential guide that will teach you how to turn sales pages and products into an adventure that inspires clients to trust your business.

Building Better Routines

by Mike Vardy

In Building Better Routines, time-hacker and founder of Productivityist, Mike Vardy, shares how you can structure your routines to groom your personality and create a healthy lifestyle that, in turn, can improve your overall productivity.

Building Grit

by Acumen Academy

Building Grit has everything we need to rediscover the importance of good old hard work in a world that glamorizes overnight success.

Building High-Performance Teams

by Mike Figliuolo

This course outlines the aspects of high performing teams, and how you, as a leader, can expand your influence and amplify your team's performance towards your ultimate mission.

Building Influence at Work

by Andrew Luttrell, Ph.D.

Building Influence at Work makes a research-based case for niceness as a strategy for success in the workplace.

Building Professional Relationships

by Skyler Logsdon

Building Professional Relationships shows you how to transform contacts and interactions into quality relationships, networks, and opportunities that will elevate your career.

Building Resilience

by Tatiana Kolovou

Performance guru Tatiana Kolovou takes us through some powerful strategies we can use to maintain composure in the face of adversity.

Building Self-Confidence

by Todd Dewett

In this empowering course, author and educator Dr. Todd Dewett outlines simple and actionable ways to evaluate, grow, and sustain your self-confidence.

Building Social Business

by Muhammad Yunus

Building Social Business teaches us how to change the world for the better by starting a company that does good for mankind, laying out how these models work, and how to begin one of our own.

Built to Last

by Jim Collins

Built to Last examines the extraordinary success of 18 visionary companies, and the ideas they've used to thrive for a century.

Built to Sell

by John Warrillow

Built To Sell shows us how to become a successful entrepreneur by explaining the steps necessary to grow a small service company and sell it.

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