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Brain Wash

by David Perlmutter MD

In Brain Wash, doctors David and Austin Perlmutter will show you how to have a more peaceful, contented life. They reveal what's wrong with the bad habits that society accepts as normal, how they affect our brains, and how we can free ourselves from them.


by Roger Dooley

Brainfluence helps us drive sales by pulling back the curtain on people's subconscious thinking and motivations in the decision-making process they use when buying.


by Daniel J. Siegel

Brainstorm takes a fascinating look into the teenage brain and explains why adolescents act so hormonally and recklessly.

Brand Development for Creatives

by Karen Okonkwo

Make sure that your creativity is working in tandem with your brand and business with this course from social entrepreneur Karen Okonkwo.

Branding Strategies to Grow Your Business

by Jasmine Star

As business owners, we need to develop strategies to grow our brand. "Branding Strategies to Grow Your Business" shows us how to do this by developing profiles for the clients we want to attract. It also tells us how to optimize our website and use high quality content to engage with our audience.


by Martin Lindstrom

Brandwashed helps us make more informed decisions about what we buy, identifying the psychological tricks that marketers use to make us feel like that we 'need' to buy their products.


by Margie Warrell

With just a few helpful pointers, Brave looks to help you implement more courage in your day-to-day life, so that you can achieve those things in life that you've always wanted but have been afraid to go for.

Braving the Wilderness

by Brené Brown

Braving the Wilderness offers a four-step process to find true belonging through authenticity, bravery, trust, and vulnerability, since it's mostly about learning to stand alone, rather than trying to fit in.

Breakfast with Socrates

by Robert Rowland Smith

Breakfast With Socrates takes us through an ordinary day in the company of extraordinary minds, sharing with us the core messages of the greatest philosophers in history, such as Descartes, Nietzsche, Marx, and even the Buddha.

Breaking the Social Media Prism

by Chris Bail

Chris Bail, a professor of Sociology and Public Policy, shows us how social networks bend our reality and polarize political opinions.

Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art

by James Nestor

Journalist James Nestor takes a deep dive into our simplest bodily function, exploring how and why the act of breathing can profoundly affect our health.


by Rickson Gracie

Breathe captures the life, philosophy, and perspective of Jiu-Jitsu master Rickson Gracie.

Brene Brown: The Call to Courage

by Sandra Restrepo

In this filmed lecture, social work researcher and lecturer Brené Brown discusses the importance and surprising power of vulnerability.

Brew an Amazing Cup of Coffee

by Michael Phillips

Most people start off their day with coffee but don't know the science behind their brew. In this course, coffee expert Michael Phillips walks students through the ins and outs of coffee.

Brief Answers to the Big Questions

by Stephen Hawking

Brief Answers to the Big Questions tackles some of the universe's biggest mysteries, as legendary physicist Stephen Hawking explores the laws that govern the cosmos and the future of humankind.

Bring the War Home

by Kathleen Belew

In Bring the War Home, Kathleen Belew presents a carefully researched picture of the history of the white power movement in America from the 1970s and 1980s to the present day.

Broadcasting Happiness

by Michelle Gielan

By showing us how to unlock the power of positive words and stories, Broadcasting Happiness helps us boost our health and happiness in our relationships, work, and community.

Broke Millenial

by Erin Lowry

Broke Millenial shows those in their twenties and thirties how to manage their finances, so that when it comes to money, they can live more confidently and stop scraping by.

Broke Millennial: How to Budget and Save Money

by Erin Lowry

Broke Millennial: How to Budget and Save Money reframes the picture most of us see when we think about budgeting, showing that saving money doesn't have to be as scary, strict, limiting or difficult, as it seems.


by Emily Chang

Brotopia motivates us to be fairer in the workplace as an employee or employer by revealing the sexist state of Silicon Valley - and letting us in on what we can do to change it.

Bruce Springsteen's Letter to You

by Thom Zimny

Equal parts interview, documentary, and concert, this is a character study of Springsteen and his music, with the artist’s reflections on his connection to his music, his artistic career, and - most importantly - his audience.

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