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Am I Ready to Be a Distance Learner?

The Open University, Dr John Butcher , Jay Rixon

5 mins

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This course from The Open University explains the essential skills anyone can build to become a successful distance learner.


Am I Ready to Be a Distance Learner?

Am I Ready to Be a Distance Learner?

by The Open University


Whether returning to studying after a break or taking courses for the first time, many learners worry that they don't have the skills to study remotely. While distance learning is different from classroom instruction, anyone can develop the skills to become a successful remote student.

In Am I Ready to Be a Distance Learner, experts from The Open University explain the competencies students need for remote learning. The course outlines how students can improve key skills like time management, digital readiness, and preparing for assessments.

Favorite quote

Learning is a journey and distance learners in particular need to draw on a range of skills to help them on their way.

- The Open University

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