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Altered Traits

Daniel Goleman, Richard J. Davidson

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Altered Traits explores the science behind meditation techniques and the way they benefit and alter our mind and body.


Altered Traits

Altered Traits

by Daniel Goleman


Meditation is the act of silently calming and focusing our minds for relaxation. It has been shown to reduce stress, get anxiety under control, promote self-awareness, improve sleep, fight addictions, lower blood pressure, control pain, and even increase lifespan. The best part is, it's easy, it can benefit anyone, and you can do it anywhere.

Authors Daniel Goleman and Richard Davidson want to help you get past the negative associations you may have about meditation and start using it to improve your life. In Altered Traits: Science Reveals How Meditation Changes Your Mind, Brain, and Body, they share their decades of cutting-edge research on meditation. They'll not only share the benefits but also how we can get the most out of it. This book will also help you forget the misconceptions by sharing the surprising way that meditation leads to changes in personality traits.

Favorite quote

A wealth of information means a poverty of attention.

- Daniel Goleman

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