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Natalie Berg, Miya Knights

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Authors Natalie Berg and Miya Knights take us behind the scenes at Amazon to understand how Jeff Bezos's gigantic company came to dominate the e-commerce market.




by Natalie Berg


What was the last thing you bought online? Chances are that whatever it was, you got it on Amazon. These days everyone seems to have an account. Many of us enjoy a Prime membership with free two-day shipping, among other perks.

This massive company has had a lasting impact on the way we shop, but it wasn't always so significant. It wasn't that long ago that Amazon was just an online bookstore with its headquarters in Jeff Bezos's garage.

What was it that made his company's success take off and change the world like it has? This is just what you'll learn in Natalie Berg's and Miya Knights's Amazon: How the World's Most Relentless Retailer will Continue to Revolutionize Commerce.

Favorite quote

One of the fundamental reasons for Amazon's success is its unwavering commitment to a vision laid out over two decades ago: to relentlessly innovate in a bid to create long-term value for customers.

- Natalie Berg, Miya Knights

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