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A Secret Love

by Chris Bolan

A Secret Love is the story of how a former All-American Girls Professional Baseball League player and her partner kept their lesbian relationship hidden from the world for decades.

A Short History of Brexit

by Kevin O’Rourke

A Short History of Brexit explains both the long-term and short-term factors that led a narrow majority of British people to vote for leaving the European Union in 2016.

A Short History of Nearly Everything

by Bill Bryson

A Short History Of Nearly Everything explains everything we've learned about our world and the universe so far, including how they formed, how we learned to make sense of time, space and gravity, and how much of our planet is still a complete mystery to us.

A Splendid Exchange

by William J. Bernstein

A Splendid Exchange outlines the history of global trade, revealing that it is older than we think, has enabled the progress of civilization, and continues to change the world on a daily basis.

A Street Cat Named Bob

by James Bowen

The uplifting true story of an unlikely friendship between a man and a street cat, and how feline friends can save our lives.

A Universe from Nothing

by Lawrence M. Krauss

A Universe From Nothing enlarges our knowledge of our expanding universe by showing us how it began, what we're still learning about it, and what might happen in the future.

A Vindication of the Rights of Woman

by Mary Wollstonecraft

A Vindication of the Rights of Woman will help you make the world a more fair place by teaching you some of the gender inequalities of the eighteenth century.

A Walk in the Woods

by Bill Bryson

A Walk In The Woods tells the interesting story of the adventures Bill Bryson and Stephen Katz had while walking the beautiful, rugged, and historic Appalachian Trail.

A Whole New Mind

by Daniel H. Pink

A Whole New Mind is your guide to standing out in the competitive workplace by taking advantage of the big-picture skills of the right side of your brain.

A Woman Makes a Plan

by Maye Musk

International best-selling author, model, dietician, and speaker Maye Musk shares the hard-won and wide-ranging wisdom gleaned from her decades in the spotlight.

A Woman of No Importance

by Sonia Purnell

A Woman of No Importance tells the fascinating story of Virginia Hall, an American who became one of the best spies for the Allies in World War II and helped significantly in the defeat of Nazi Germany.

A World in Disarray

by Richard N. Haass

A World In Disarray opens your mind to ways that you make the world more peaceful by guiding you through the major changes in global affairs since World War II.

A World of Difference: Exploring Intercultural Communication

by Philip Thompsen

A World of Difference show us why the study of intercultural communication is so important in today's technologically connected world.

A World Without Email

by Cal Newport

Digital minimalism expert Cal Newport proposes a radical shift to how work is done, encouraging employees to decrease their reliance on email and instant messaging to reclaim their time and productivity.

A Year with Peter Drucker

by Joseph A. Maciariello

A Year with Peter Drucker compiles 52 lessons with weekly exercises into one comprehensive, year-long curriculum for managers, leaders, and those who aspire to be one or the other, based on the teachings of the father of modern management.

Abstract: Architecture

by Bjarke Ingels

Young visionary Bjarke Ingels shares his nontraditional approach to architecture, and how it made him a rare young success story in a cutthroat industry.

Abstract: Automotive Design

by Ralph Gilles

This episode of Netflix's Abstract: The Art of Design follows Chrysler's Ralph Gilles as he explains the importance of good design in the automotive industry.

Abstract: Bio-Architecture

by Neri Oxman

This episode of Abstract: The Art of Design follows Israeli-American designer Neri Oxman's unusual path to MIT's Media Lab and her series of innovative projects.

Abstract: Costume Design

by Ruth Carter

In this episode of Netflix's docuseries, Abstract: The Art of Design, Ruth Carter invites us to explore her long successful career as a costume designer.

Abstract: Design for Play

by Cas Holman

Toy designer Cas Holman discusses her career-long mission to design toys that enable children to play freely.

Abstract: Digital Product Design

by Ian Spalter

Digital Product Design is a documentary overview of digital product development, narrated by Instagram's Head of Design, Ian Spalter.

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