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A Class Act

Rob Beckett

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British comedian Rob Beckett shares his thoughts on class and explores how his working-class background impacted his family, career, and identity.


A Class Act

A Class Act

by Rob Beckett


We don't often think about how class affects us, but it can impact every aspect of our lives. Our perspectives and personalities are shaped through our childhood experiences, which are colored by class. British comedian Rob Beckett's working-class background didn't phase him until he entered the world of comedy. There, he began to see how different his experience was from others.

In this 2021 memoir on his working-class upbringing and comedy career, Beckett shares funny stories and deeply personal moments. Behind the goofy smile and non-stop jokes, Beckett is a man who struggled to find his place in the world and in his family. Is Beckett of a different class than his wife and daughters, who are starkly middle class? Or, has he now left his working-class self behind? A Class Act: Life as a Working-Class Man in a Middle-Class World is Beckett's exploration of life as an outsider.

Favorite quote

Nobody chooses the hand they are dealt, whether it be a good or bad one, so they shouldn't be judged on it. You can only judge someone on how they play those cards.

- Rob Beckett

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