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Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter

by Megan Adams

In this course, viral marketer Megan Adams shares practical knowledge for using social media as a marketing tool and leveraging each network's unique qualities to help grow your business.

Socrates: A Very Short Introduction

by C.C.W. Taylor

Socrates: A Very Short Introduction, is a concise yet in-depth look at the Greek philosopher's life and contribution to western culture.

Soft Skills for Sales Professionals

by Meridith Powell

Unlock your persuasion potential with Soft Skills for Sales Professionals, as sales strategist Meridith Elliott Powell teaches how to hack your soft skills and boost your emotional intelligence.

Solito, Solita

by Steven Mayers

A USA-centric exploration of the ongoing Central American and Mexican immigration crisis, highlighting the stories of people who have made the journey across the border.

Solve for Happy

by Mo Gawdat

In Solve for Happy, a former Google engineer lays out his formula for happiness - proving that 'happy' is our default state, and how to overcome the obstacles we face that prevent us from being so.

Solving Business Problems

by Mike Figliuolo

Solving Business Problems will guide you through a simple five step process so that you can address any problem that a business may have, be it yours or someone else's, and find the best possible solution.

Sourdough Bread Baking for Beginners

by Thomas Charles Mathiassen

Even if you find it hard to not burn your toast, you can still bake a nutritious and delicious loaf of sourdough bread from scratch, as shown by master baker Thomas Charles Mathiassen. All you need is a little care, an eye for detail, and a lot of patience.


by Angie Morgan

Spark teaches you how to become an influential, un-fireable asset to your team at work by taking on the role of a leader regardless of your position and utilizing the power of creative thinking.

Speaking with Confidence

by Nick Gold

In this book, experts will teach you how to deliver compelling and entertaining personal and professional speeches to any audience.

SPIN Selling

by Neil Rackham

SPIN Selling is your guide to becoming an expert salesperson by identifying what the author learned from 35,000 sales calls and 12 years of research on the topic.

Sport For All: The Special Olympics

by Christian Urban

An inspiring documentary about the Special Olympics, Sport For All captures a movement that champions the joy of sport and the power it has to transform lives.


by Jake Knapp

Sprint can help you to completely overhaul your project management process, allowing you to go from zero to prototype in just five days, explaining how best to quickly figure out if your idea is worth making reality.

Spy the Lie

by Philip Houston

Spy the Lie is a collection of professional tips on how to more accurately detect when someone is lying to you through a combination of verbal and non-verbal cues.

Stamped from the Beginning

by Ibram X. Kendi

Stamped From the Beginning will open your mind to the true origins of racism by challenging your long-held beliefs about it that have been perpetrated by racists throughout history.

Stanford Introduction to Food and Health

by Maya Adam

This course from Stanford University breaks down food science and food industry tricks to provide simple steps for achieving a healthier, more rewarding lifestyle.


by Jon Acuff

By punching fear in the face, living with purpose, and learning the five stages of success, one step at a time, Start shows us how we can transform our lives from average to awesome.

Start Something That Matters

by Blake Mycoskie

Start Something That Matters encourages us to overcome our fear of the unknown and create a business that not only makes money, but also helps others, even if you have few resources to start with.

Start with Why

by Simon Sinek

Rather than simply starting out with a great product or service, Start With Why will show you the importance of creating a company that's founded upon immeasurable passion and indestructible values that will resonate with everyone around you.

Start Your Profitable Podcast & Build a Brand

by Lewis Howes

This course tackles topics such as podcast topics, monetization, finding guests, and show format. Whether you're a veteran podcast host or a novice struggling to find your niche, there's something for anyone to improve.

Starting A Memorable Conversation | 1b9b0e34-f060-4c4a-a5b5-74a91c4575a2

by Tatiana Kolovou

In Starting a Memorable Conversation, author Tatiana Kolovou explores the different mechanisms required for striking up impactful, unforgettable conversations.

Startup Growth Engines

by Sean Ellis

Startup Growth Engines shows us the strategies and tactics startups like Uber, Facebook and Yelp have used to achieve phenomenal growth in short time periods, and how we can use them to solve problems on a large scale.

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