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Finish identifies perfectionism as the biggest enemy of your goals, in order to then help you defeat it with research backed strategies to get things out the door while having fun, taking the pressure off and cutting yourself some slack.




by Jon Acuff


One of the biggest challenges of blogging is statistics. Most blogs die because people keep checking their numbers. Everyone knows that they need to write consistently for a long enough time, but people want their first post to go viral, so when they first check the figures, they're often disappointed.

Before we even begin, we've made a rule in our heads that says, "If it's not that, it's not perfect and thus, not worth it." We don't know what the rule is, but perfectionism has ensured our project's dead in the water. This is the exact problem Jon Acuff addresses in his book Finish.

So far, he's shown us how to quit the old, start anew, and do over when we fail. Now, it's time to kick perfection to the curb and finish anyway.

Favorite quote

The harder you try to be perfect, the less likely you'll accomplish your goals.

- Jon Acuff

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