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by Uptime Staff / 2021-08-17

Did you know that, if we went to Mars with no protection, our blood would boil inside our bodies? 

Perhaps not the nicest mental image. Still, with all this talk from Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk about living in space, it’s interesting to think about all the hoops we’d have to jump through to actually make it happen - which is exactly why we Hacked it. 

Here’s a guide to what’s new on this app this week - on everything from the chemical toxins in the air (and in our food!), a breakdown of Instagram’s rise-to-fame, and a refresher on the life and times of Aristotle.

Toxic Planet - Jason Prall

Our planet is sick, posits Jason Prall, a mechanical engineer-turned-filmmaker, in this episode from his 9-part documentary-series.

Because of humanity’s heavy use of chemicals over the last century, harmful toxins have been released into every part of our lives: they’re in the air, the water, and even in the food. In this startling documentary, Prall unpacks exactly how this has happened, and what we can do to fix it.

The Human Longevity Project is a nine-part docuseries from Prall, whose own fight against chronic illnesses inspired him to try and find the answers. His lessons explore the following:

  • Why environmental toxins carry serious repercussions for our health
  • Just how prevalent toxins have become
  • How we can all do our bit to help save our planet

Aristotle: A Short Introduction - Jonathan Barnes

quotation marksNo man before him had contributed so much to learning. No man after him might aspire to rival his achievements.

You’ve probably heard of Aristotle, but do you know who exactly he was, or why he’s still so famous today? For a quick refresher, we’ve summarized the key insights of Oxford University Press’ Aristotle: A Short Introduction.  

Aristotle was an ancient Greek philosopher, and is commonly viewed as one of humanity’s most important ‘big thinkers’. At the core of Aristotle's work was a desire to acquire greater knowledge of the world - so maybe he would have liked Uptime.

Oh, and he’s also the original author of the famous quote ‘A friend to all is a friend to none,’ which enjoyed a fresh bout of popularity recently due to Taylor Swift featuring it in her recent quarantine-penned hit, “Cardigan”.

In this Hack, discover why:

  • Aristotle liked to call himself a ‘philosopher-scientist’
  • His works continue to inspire and challenge philosophers today, thousands of years later
  • His writings also include some of humanity’s first works on modern biology

(And if you’re interested to find out more about philosophy, Uptime also has an Introduction to Philosophy course, full of insights from professors at the University of Edinburgh.)

No Filter: The Inside Story of Instagram - Sarah Frier

Told through exclusive interviews with industry executives, No Filter reveals the inside story of Instagram’s evolution to one of the most popular and culturally relevant apps of the 21st century.

quotation marksThe more you give up who you are to be liked by other people - it’s a formula for chipping away at your soul. You become a product of what everyone else wants, and not who you’re supposed to be.

Instagram - and the content creators existing on it - have changed many aspects of our life as we know it today, including what we eat, what we wear, and how we look at ourselves in the mirror. 

Frier unpacks:

  • Founders Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom’s decision to make the app entirely mobile-based, and its far far-reaching consequences
  • The story behind its record-breaking acquisition deal from Facebook
  • Why Facebook’s intervention led to the dissolution of Instagram’s original creative team

Glad You Asked: Will We Survive Mars? - Joie Jacoby

quotation marksIt's the hardest, longest, most ambitious trip our species has ever taken.

- Cleo Abram, Vox Video Producer

Could humans one day colonize Mars? As the effects of global warming become ever more real, it’s certainly something we’ve had to start thinking about. In this documentary from Vox, we explore the different obstacles humanity will face in trying to colonize the red planet, as well as our chances for survival. 

This documentary explores why:

  • Mars’ environment is not conducive to human life
  • Terraforming Mars might be the answer to long-term survival
  • Life on Mars would be difficult on the human psyche

Makeup for Beginners - Lana Vallo

Want to get into makeup, but not sure where to start? Here, Lana Vallo, a makeup artist with 18+ years of experience, teaches everything from application, to choosing the right brushes, to revamping your skincare routine.

Vallo’s insights explore:

  • Why it’s important to maintaining proper skincare routines if you’re wearing makeup regularly, and how to do so 
  • How to apply eyeshadow and eyeliner
  • How to use, choose, and clean the right makeup brushes
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