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Three Women

Lisa Taddeo

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Over a decade of interviews, court documents, emails, and text messages, Lisa Taddeo weaves an intricate portrait of three women's sex lives in immersive, intricate accounts.


Three Women

Three Women

by Lisa Taddeo


Female desire is intimately yoked to power; who has it, how it is used, and how class and race influence female desire and its outcomes. Three Women forensically dissects the sexual and emotional lives of three very different women across the spectrum of class in the U.S.

Lisa Taddeo is an award-winning journalist and author. Three Women, published in 2019, was a global sensation. It sparked important conversations on how society perceives, manages, and judges the complexities of female desire.

Driving across the U.S. six times to source a range of female subjects, Taddeo's book is the result of ten years of fastidious research and interviews, with just three women consenting to have their stories told. Each woman offers an intimate and often harrowing account of their lives. Their stories form a riveting document that unravels the complex connections between desire, sex, love, and power.

Favorite quote

Men can frighten us, other women can frighten us, and sometimes we worry so much about what frightens us that we wait to have an orgasm until we are alone. We pretend to want things we don't want so nobody can see us not getting what we need.

- Lisa Taddeo

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