Uptime: the app that gives you insights from the world’s best minds - in just 5 minutes

Finding the time to keep learning can be a struggle in our busy lives. So meet Uptime, the app that allows you to get smarter faster, with 1000s of personalized Knowledge Hacks delivered right into the palm of your hand.
by Uptime Staff / 2021-06-16

Knowledge is power, right? That’s all well and good, but fitting in time for self-development, or even just learning about our passions, can be difficult. 

The good news is that there’s an app to solve the problem. Uptime’s here to expand your mind - and save you time doing it. It cleverly condenses the world’s best books, documentaries and courses into fun, fast, tappable stories, which take five minutes (or less!) to absorb. The app hacks the knowledge from the brightest minds on a huge range of topics, without having to invest hours of time. There are thousands of creators featured, from Bill Gates to Bill Bryson, with insights presented in a format that’s scientifically proven to help you learn.

Uptime offers 1000s of Hacks from brilliant minds across the world, with topics ranging from psychology to cryptocurrency, from leadership to career management. New trusted content is added weekly, so there’s always more to learn. 

We’re on a mission to help you get smarter, faster - join us and re-discover the joy of broadening your mind.

The idea

Uptime, as a concept, was formed back in 2019. The founders - Jamie True, Jack Bekhor, and Patrick Walker - wanted to create a platform that allowed anyone to learn , anytime, anywhere. They were determined to find a way to make broadening knowledge fun, accessible and affordable. 

“All three of us, as well as friends, family and colleagues were feeling overloaded with information,” explains Patrick Walker. “We all wanted to stay on top of current trends, but we either didn’t have the time, or the knowledge, to find the best pieces of content. Every year, more than two million books are released, and hundreds of thousands of courses go online. The selection is so large, it has been estimated that if a person was to read one book a day, it would take them in excess of 365,000 years to read all of the books ever written.”

It’s a common human behaviour to waste hours scrolling through bestseller lists, video platforms, and digital courses to find content. The founders instead envisaged a place where the world’s best material was placed right in front of you in the form of an app. This would allow the user to spend less time thinking about what to choose, and more time learning something new.

This new level of accessibility, coupled with the fun format, would help people find the motivation to keep consuming insights and provide an effective and easy way to continue learning.


From this initial spark, Uptime grew. One strong focus was on the best way to deliver quality and relevant content to users. The result is a clever combination of advanced machine learning and human curation, meaning each user has a personal library of books, courses and documentaries, from only the most reputable and trusted sources.

Uptime also focuses on delivering its Knowledge Hacks in a variety of smart formats,  scientifically proven to help people memorise and digest the information. Knowledge Hacks generally consist of a summary followed by short, bite-sized insights, designed to help the user engage and retain the knowledge, meaning they really are able to get smart, faster. The Hacks are intentionally short, and presented in a choice of ways to help you learn - a unique visual story format made up of text, photos, videos, audios and in some cases, animations. 

And at the end of the Knowledge Hack, if you’d like to find out more, you’re given the option to buy the book, watch the documentary or sign up to the course, directly from the original source. 

How Uptime helps you

Science proves that continuing to learn - especially on a daily basis - is beneficial to our health. Research shows that building our knowledge and keeping our brains active lowers stress levels and improves general quality of life. But in this world where we’re often time poor, daily learning can feel like an impossible task to prioritise.

This is where Uptime can offer a helping hand. Whether you’re a busy mom, enduring your commute to work, or just waiting in line for your coffee order, we can all find 5 minutes to enjoy a Knowledge Hack. And with the app’s clever personalized curation, you don’t even have to spend time finding the content that interests you.

Download the app for free, and within minutes you can access insights from leaders as varied as Elon Musk to Michelle Obama. Whatever your interest, there’s a Hack for you.

What’s next?

Uptime launched in January 2021. It’s compatible with Apple and Android devices and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store

The app is continually evolving in response to feedback, but so far the response has been positive, with Tapsmart saying:  “The knowledge hacks are light-hearted and easy to digest, doing a decent job of extracting key insights and practical ways to learn from them.” (Read more here)

“We’ve been thrilled with the support for Uptime so far,” said co-founder Jamie True. “Our users are choosing to come to Uptime to learn about subjects that interest them, such as NFTs and Bitcoin, and more personal topics, including relationships, parenting, and anxiety. We’re excited to be able to help them build their knowledge in just 5 minutes a day and look forward to welcoming more users to the Uptime experience.”

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