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Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office

Lois P. Frankel

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Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office empowers young women to find their confidence and accelerate their career growth.


Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office

Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office

by Lois P. Frankel


Did you know that only 3.8% of CEOs at Fortune 500 companies are women? Today, there's still a significant underrepresentation of female leaders in the workplace. And a year after graduating college, female professionals earn 8% less than their male counterparts. Why is this?

Psychotherapist Dr. Lois P. Frankel believes it's because of our ingrained societal conditioning that lurks deep under the surface. Young women internalize harmful self-beliefs that slow – or even sabotage – their professional progress in adulthood. It's our everyday habits and behaviors, many of which we're not even aware of, that undermine our talents, enabling less-talented candidates to climb their way to the top.

The good news is that there are simple, concrete steps we can take to reverse these taught behaviors, and Frankel shows us how.

Favorite quote

If you're concerned only with being liked, you will most likely miss the opportunity to be respected.

- Lois P. Frankel

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