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Ethical Hacking: Wireless Networks

Malcolm Shore

5 mins

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In this in-depth course, Professor Malcolm Shore helps us develop the skills we need to test and strengthen wireless networks.


Ethical Hacking: Wireless Networks

Ethical Hacking: Wireless Networks

by Malcolm Shore


An open WiFi network can be a godsend for people looking to work or check their messages on the go. But how many of us think about security before we connect?

Dr. Malcolm Shore is an experienced cybersecurity expert who spent a decade as the Director of Information Systems Security at New Zealand's Government Communications Security Bureau. Since then, Dr. Shore has been in multiple cybersecurity teaching and consulting roles in universities and the industry.

In this course, the seasoned cybersecurity expert helps us detect, prevent, and counter Wi-Fi-vulnerability-related attacks. The course is part of a test prep series for the Certified Ethical Hacker exam, which prepares students for the exam and helps them pursue a career testing networks to expose and address vulnerabilities.

Favorite quote

The use of a wireless network isn't without its hazards, and ensuring that home and business use of wireless is secure is the job of the wireless network tester.

- Malcolm Shore

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