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Broadcasting Happiness

Michelle Gielan

5 mins

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By showing us how to unlock the power of positive words and stories, Broadcasting Happiness helps us boost our health and happiness in our relationships, work, and community.


Broadcasting Happiness

Broadcasting Happiness

by Michelle Gielan


Sharing information has become extremely easy and common through the rapid rise of social media. Everyone can now be their own broadcaster, which means we each have the potential to use the power of good messages to improve our lives, and those of the ones we love.

Michelle Gielan is the founder of the Institute for Applied Positive Research and an expert on positive communication. She has also consulted numerous Fortune 500 companies on improving employee happiness and productivity. In this book, Gielan shows us how even pronouncing a few intentional words each day can make a great impact on our productivity and health by allowing us to channel our inner positivity.

Favorite quote

After returning home from a long day of work, start your evening off by telling your spouse - the second you walk through the door - about a positive part of your day, or ask about something positive that happened in theirs.

- Michelle Gielan

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