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Your Baby, Your BirthBy Hollie de Cruz

In a Nutshell

Birth coach Hollie de Cruz debunks the stigma around hypnobirthing, recontextualizing its techniques within a scientific framework and sharing physiological and psychological tools to help those going through childbirth.

Favorite quote

Hypnobirthing is allowing birth to happen in a closer alignment to your natural maternal and mammalian instincts. It is birthing with your heart and soul switched on.

Hollie de Cruz


When Hollie de Cruz became unexpectedly pregnant at 25, she believed the common narrative that childbirth is a painful, scary experience.

When de Cruz and her partner took a hypnobirthing course, her view on birth changed forever.

Hypnobirthing transformed childbirth from a purely physical, and often traumatic, experience to a holistic, affirming one.

By learning about her pregnant body from a physiological standpoint, de Cruz was able to work with it rather than against it, resulting in a euphoric birth experience.

Using a combination of information on the psychology of childbearing, birthing stories, and practical tips, de Cruz aims to help you go with your body's natural flow for a calm, positive experience.

Taking you on a journey from the start of pregnancy, through to birth, and beyond to motherhood, Your Baby, Your Birth empowers you every step of the way.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

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    Hypnobirthing techniques are not only transformative for labor; they can be a powerful tool throughout pregnancy
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