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Yay! You're Gay! Now What?

Riyadh Khalaf

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'Yay! You're Gay! Now What?' is the ultimate handbook for young queer people discovering their own identities and anyone who might want to support them.


Yay! You're Gay! Now What?

Yay! You're Gay! Now What?

by Riyadh Khalaf


Before Riyadh Khalaf was a successful broadcaster, activist, and YouTube personality, he was a lonely and lost 13-year-old, confused about his sexuality and ashamed of his feelings. It took Khalaf a while to discover that these feelings were his greatest gift. They would lead him to a fulfilling life full of love, pleasure, and friendship, as well as a successful career.

In Yay! You're Gay! Now What?: A Gay Boy's Guide to Life, Khalaf draws from his own life experiences and those of inspirational queer men in his life to bring the lessons that he needed as a young queer person. Coming out was a long, difficult journey for Khalaf, but now, as a prominent voice in the gay community, he works continously towards making that process easier for others.

Favorite quote

Feeling different. That's where it normally begins for a queer person. You may ask yourself, 'Am I broken? Sick? Weird?' The answer is no. There is nothing wrong with you – there's just something slightly different about you.

- Riyadh Khalaf

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