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Writing Emotionally Engaging Emails

Melissa Cassera

5 mins

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Find out how to keep your audience hooked with award-winning business strategist Melissa Cassera, as she shares powerful techniques for stepping up the game of your email marketing campaigns.


Writing Emotionally Engaging Emails

Writing Emotionally Engaging Emails

by Melissa Cassera


When it comes to outreach and converting prospects into actual customers and clients, nothing beats the effectiveness of email marketing. Yet despite the prospective power of email marketing, the majority of businesses' email-chains often go unread.

To prevent your business emails from getting deleted from your readers' inboxes, you need to make sure your emails are inspiring emotional reactions in your readers. There are a few easy strategies to prompt your email recipients to take action, which is exactly what Melissa Cassera, an award-winning business strategist and professional screenwriter, can share with us.

In this course, Cassera walks us through the step-by-step process of curating emotionally engaging emails, and the secrets to getting your recipients to not only pay attention, but to actively respond to your calls-to-action.

Favorite quote

When it comes to consistently engaging your community and your audience, think about small things that can inspire them, delight them, or educate them.

- Melissa Cassera

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