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Work the System

Sam Carpenter

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Work The System will fundamentally change the way you view the world, by showing you the systems all around you and giving you the guiding principles to influence the right ones to make your business successful.


Work the System

Work the System

by Sam Carpenter


Sam Carpenter has been the CEO and president of Centratel, one of the US's top providers of phone answering services – the people who handle your customer service via the phone – for the past 30 years. During those years, he developed what he calls 'a systems mindset.' He started spotting systems everywhere, and subsequently, optimizing the ones he could control.

He turned this approach into a business philosophy, taught it to many corporations as a consultant and, in 2008, turned it into this book. Work The System is a holistic description of the nature of systems, their ubiquity in life and nature, and how you can use systems for yourself to optimize your life.

Ready to oil the machinery? Let's go!

Favorite quote

Most people don't fail by making overt mistakes. They fail because they don't take action.


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