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Work 2.0: Rebel with a CauseBy Hidden Brain, Shankar Vedantam

In a Nutshell

In this November 2021 episode of the Hidden Brain podcast, researcher Francesca Gino explains how acting like a rebel can enhance your creativity, curiosity, and career — even if it makes you or others feel uncomfortable.

Favorite Quote

Rebels are not troublemakers. They're not outcasts. Rebels are people who break rules that need to be broken.

Francesca Gino


Is breaking the rules at work always bad?

In this episode of NPR's Hidden Brain podcast, Francesca Gino explains how a little rebelliousness can reinvent the way you work.

Hidden Brain is a social science podcast that analyzes and simplifies research on human behavior.

Gino is an author and professor at the Harvard Business School whose research focuses on creativity and decision-making at work.

In her most recent book, Rebel Talent, Gino profiles several leaders and creatives who have successfully rebelled in their careers.

Gino speaks to Hidden Brain host Shankar Vedantam about what makes 'rebel talents' so effective at disrupting norms and fostering innovation.

As an expert in nonconformism, Gino makes a distinction between change-making rebellion that she calls 'constructive' and abuse or dangerous behavior that is ultimately 'destructive.'

Companies that allow their employees to go off-script are better equipped to find creative solutions to industry challenges.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

  1. 1.
    Rebels follow their curiosity, which can lead to surprising success
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